about us

We think we’re really lucky. We keep finding things that we love!

From collecting antiques to growing an organic farm, to re-purposing old, worn items into something new and beautiful, we love every minute of what we do. MakingĀ  homemade blueberry jam to fill our cupboards, mending torn textiles into something new and useful, and pulling out those old country recipes … these are just some of the things that we hope you will love as much as we do.

our philosophy

Barn with American flag

Our philosophy is about keeping things simple, natural and meaningful. And of course, country.

Simple, in our approach. We use old fashioned techniques in everything that we do. We have no high tech equipment, large machinery, or mass produced products. We do everything by hand, one by one or in small batches, with nothing but time on our side.

Natural, in our environment. We believe in working with what was naturally given to us and creating as little waste as possible. We practice only organic farming techniques for the health of our food and our land which is passed onto you in our food products. One of our favorite sayings is “take something old and make it into something beautiful” which is our philosophy in all of our hand crafted products.

Meaningful, in our process. Everything we do now will have some affect on our future. If we live resourcefully and respectfully of our land, then we will continue to live beautiful, simple country lives.

Please stay awhile and browse some of our work. All of our products are unique, rarely reproduced and made with love right here in the U.S.A.